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  1. happy birthday @_@!

  2. Yori's Room

  3. well hello there. thanks for the add! really, i feel like i've seen you somewhere before. are you from ny? maybe i've seen you at crobar, pacha, sullivan room, love, pvd@ central park? it'd b crazy if we've actually seen eachother at a club before but never noticed. ha!

    wait, am i at your house right now? and are the dj? whoa. small world man.

  4. Yori's Room

    cave room is still sick.. i like it better than the main room. reason being that you can be in that cave room (with the plushcaves n shit? 2 floors?) and hear the music from near the bar awesome.
  5. MADRAVERRAI @ LOVE NYC LIVE SET. 20min and 34seconds in.

    YOU'RE the bestest friend ever!!!!!!!!

    im the cheese .. you can be my Rye bread.. !! xD

    no really tho, love was hard to put my finger on , ti'll i met you! in a best friend way of course. <3 MUAH*

  7. Tenaj, you're the bestest friend ever. Luv ya girl!!!

  8. ohh so THIS is how i leave a comment. how nice.

    cant wait to see you. we have alota shit to work on :D

  9. Yori's Room

    yes i'll be there... other half, thanx for liking my signature. hahaha it took me a few minutes. maybe 2. i'll bribe sooki to make another one for me, cuz shes sick in photoshop... you think u can keep me company at Love this friday night? better question... are you working sat? the plan: sooki is gonna sleep over fri night after work and spinn with me all day sat cuz i have no work or .. really, nothing to do all day. you should come too if you have the time. anyone else in invited too =) bring free spirits, and love. girls could prolly sleep at my house friday night. as for the dudes...uhm. can u get to jersey on sat? i can pick you up from fortlee if need be. (thats 175th st in manhattan, cross the george washington bridge, one stop) but yeah... rai, if you cant come on sat cuz of work or wutever u wanna meet up friday night? it's gonna be late tho.. i dunno.. juss lemme kno. ahaha! im ranting... dont mind me. ginseng. you still need to come over again and PRACTICE SPINNING ON RECORDS! yup
  10. that was some pretty ill mixing from rai's thread you got there :D i like to hear more of those ^_^

  11. Yori's Room

    im still tryin to figure out to to use everything.. :T
  12. Yori's Room

    shes out taking a g.e.d test. tonight n tomorrow night. Azzie it was really nice meeting you ~ i'll be seeing u around <3 i wanted to post up pix in the picture form. but it dont work. or.. im just retarded screw it. screw it all! >
  13. Yori's Room

    keeping up with fb, myspace and gsc is a lot of work... holy shit.
  14. Yori's Room

    hi rai