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  6. I dont know what this game is about but, Im in
  7. Name: Q Age: 25 Gender: Male Interests: GOOD FRIENDS, GOOD MUSIC, SNOWBOARDING, STRINGING Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: NARUTO, HEAVY METAL Musical Interest: TRANCE, ROCK, AND SOME METAL Goal in the next 5 years: OWN A HOME Goal in the next 20 years: BE RETIRED What turns you on about the opposite sex: PERSONALITY If i had a million dollars I would: INVEST HALF, AND STRING THE DAYS AWAY I am good at: COMPUTER REPAIR, OUTDOOR STUFF School (if applicable): UAF Work (if applicable): USAF I am on glowsticking.com because: I LIKE TO STRING!!! Describe yourself: 5'11", HISPANIC, ATHLETIC, RELAXED PERSONALITY, DONT HAVE A CARE IN THE WORLD, SECRETIVE What do you do for fun? Have sex? WORK OUT, STRING, HANG OUT WITH FRIENDS Random fact about yourself: NEVER REALLY KNOW WHATS IN MY HEAD What you did last weekend: RECOVERED FROM JET LAG What yo do when you go out: MOVIES, DRINKING W/ FRIENDS