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  1. Thanks everyone for tuning i last night. Those sessions are very therapeutic for me. I needed to clear my mind about something and now I'm ready to produce some tracks.


    It's always good to hear you spin, but I'd rather hear you spin your tracks. If you need help, lemme know. I'm musically inclined.


    /whip lash/ TRACKS!


    PS Icy = PHAIL

  2. I'm back. My first morning in NYC. I don't feel too bad. Jet lag isn't as serious. Time to go to work and train my new Assistant Gallery Manager.


    I think the Black Leatherette Cuff goes to Azzie. Congratulations. You can claim it this weekend. Lira deserves one too. Dunno when you can claim yours though. I guess next time you're around.


    Hells yeah. Azzie ftw! BTW, how's the new guy?


    Work is boring. I need a new game to play....dunno what to get. HELP


    What you should be playing is bionic commando. LOL. seriously. Demo is pretty fun.








    I have a stomach virus. Any grandma recipies you'd like to share with me so I don't die?




  3. Not enjoying my day that much, I thought aden was going to bring me sticks earlier before work...but I'm waiting for him to come home with them, which leaves me filming tomorrow. I'm now starting to get anxious about filming.


    And I'm so tired, I haven't done most of the things I set out to accomplish today. I wanna sleep....

  4. Thankies for the compliments on the blog! The one I'm making for gsc will be even more epic.


    I'm thinking the end of this month, will more than likely be on the weekend. My aim for this upcoming year is to do at least one per month and then do a compilation at the end of the year, but we'll see how that goes.


    On the bright side, I'm off till wednesday and I have nothing to do but clean the house, blog and plot. :D

  5. Just made my blog over and all smexi


    Working on content for the blog I'm making for gsc and thinking about the next meetup.


    Rai, when are you going ot be back? LOL If you're not back soon we might have to do a meetup and put your last mix on a cd for the boom box. LOL