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  1. You definitely have the right to your opinion; the values of gsc have been formed over years of active involvement with the scene, watching it die, and bringing it to life again. You don't have to share our beliefs, you are your own person and we are not "forcing" anything on you; your opinions differ; we can respect that and move on however if you don't respect our rules, you can use up someone else's resources because we don't appreciate leeches; you are very intelligent so I'm sure you can understand where we're coming from on that. We don't want to convert you, aren't trying to force your hand but this is a privately owned website with member posted content from people who's views differ from yours.


    I hope you find what you're looking for. Thank you for taking the time out to express your opinion in a respectful way.

  2. gawd damn thats broke!



    i got have a mind to start a "i'm so broke" thread in the sandbox :P


    have you guys been in there lately? - gad damn its crazy!


    I'm not crazy enough to spend time in sandbox...every once in a while I peak's madness.






    Aden and I moved.



  3. well the story is that apparently he peaked ... tore back some of the wrapping the night before, got all excited and went to bed cocky that he was gonna get a 360 so they wanted to teach him a lesson, they did give it to him the following week


    Us blacks are the most creative when it comes to dishing out psychological trauma.

  4. Lana you are the person I see play most aside from myself. You're always going solo though.




    You need to play when I'm on. =T It was mad fun when we are all on that one time.



    Yeah GSC is da shit!


    You know what else will be the shit? Tainted Transmission 10 which will air this Sunday at 8:30pm Easter. Showcasing all the set highlights and Tracks of the month for 2008 as well as a lot of last minute 2008 tracks.


    Tune in on Sunday, December 21, 2008, 8:30pm Eastern





    Already programmed the global announcement.