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  1. Yori's Room

    Not enjoying my day that much, I thought aden was going to bring me sticks earlier before work...but I'm waiting for him to come home with them, which leaves me filming tomorrow. I'm now starting to get anxious about filming. And I'm so tired, I haven't done most of the things I set out to accomplish today. I wanna sleep....
  2. Yori's Room

    Pics or it didn't happen Zero. lol. What are you guys up to today?
  3. Yori's Room

    I'm sure there'll be a few more events that you can go to before the end of the year. LOL. We'll definitely party a bit harder for you. Jeff. STFU. Hang out more. j/k
  4. Yori's Room

    I should good brownie points for posting multiple times. And .... who's going to webster?
  5. Yori's Room

    Thankies for the compliments on the blog! The one I'm making for gsc will be even more epic. I'm thinking the end of this month, will more than likely be on the weekend. My aim for this upcoming year is to do at least one per month and then do a compilation at the end of the year, but we'll see how that goes. On the bright side, I'm off till wednesday and I have nothing to do but clean the house, blog and plot.
  6. Yori's Room

    Just made my blog over and all smexi Working on content for the blog I'm making for gsc and thinking about the next meetup. Rai, when are you going ot be back? LOL If you're not back soon we might have to do a meetup and put your last mix on a cd for the boom box. LOL
  7. Love your concept, need vid! Postie a vid! :D

  8. Yori's Room

    rai. seriously uber awesome design. I can't wait to see them first hand. Gonna be kewl. MRR Brand FTW!
  9. Yori's Room

    Where the hell do they work....I wanna hang out there. LOL.
  10. Yori's Room

    where the hell are you working?
  11. Yori's Room

    lol @ old man I'd love to dress up all steam punk-esque for halloween.
  12. Yori's Room

    That's pretty hot...price tag not that bad...except I'm not that rich. lol
  13. Yori's Room

    Old Man! Oh snap!
  14. Welcome to!

    I'm the mod in your area. If you have any questions or need help with anything, let me know!

  15. Yori's Room

    uh glowshop tomorrow, rai is spinning,
  16. Yori's Room

    So I'm watching IFC and their talking about steam punk (ppl dressed up all steam punk like for comic con in san diego) and there's actually an anime based in a steam punk w0rld called steamboy and it looks really good from what I can see. How Ironic.
  17. Yori's Room

    Yeah, I'm gonna get sticks this week. .....soooooooon.
  18. Welcome to, I am one of your friendly neighborhood moderators.

    If you need anything or have any questions you can contact me by any of the means available on my profile page.

    Please check out the "east cost" regional forums for more information on meetups and upcoming parties.

  19. Yori's Room

    Uber short, testing the light in the room. Had all kinds of plans to film while aden's away...but alas...there were only purple sticks...industrials.
  20. Yori's Room

    lol@ uniform. I'll pass in that case....I was thinking more a jean and tank top ensemble. And thank you for clearning up steam punk, didn't know what it mean tho I have read the authors listed.
  21. Yori's Room

    You lucky lucky bastard. I can be your assistant.LOL
  22. dude, the puzzle totally kicked my ass

    it was awesome meeting you!

  23. Yori's Room

    yes sir! Just met up with Shelly (atrocity's exhibit) and Jun0. Fun times.
  24. Yori's Room

    I'm back. With presents for the whole lot of you.
  25. Yori's Room

    Guys! Have fun at Yoji, rep Rai and....well have a great time. I'm leaving the house in an hour to go to the air port, and I will be back with you guys next wednesday, if my mother doesn't try to kill me in fl. See ya! Love Azzie