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  1. AAAH Another girl! Your ultra circle footage is awesome! I live in kent.. I'm not sure where oberin is though : It sounds familiar.

  2. hey there! Of course I remember you. I'm glad that you hunted me down, I lost a lot of people when I deleted my myspace a while back.

  3. What the hell where did all your comments go??

  4. OH I WONDER WHO THIS IS!! Welcome to GS.c Little brotherrr :))

  5. haha this thread is awesome plur (duh) love Unite GSC bounce I<3 HxC Dance on smile BASS breeze euphoria elysium My 1st rave glow on live fuzz WHY pretty standard ones I guess. XD
  6. haha nope there are a few of us scattered about! Welcome to GS.c :)

  7. You ice your hands constantly. Your family calls out "is it safe?" and ducks as they open the door to your room. Your mother no longer complains when she finds glowsticks in the freezer.
  8. xfreehandglowx is the one with the footage XD and I think he's pretty busy, but there will be one, eventually!!

  9. Midwest Intro Thread

    Name: Alex Location: Kent/Akron OHIO during the school year, otherwise near Columbus. Style: freehand!! If you're in Ohio PM me! I know you're all out there somewhere...
  10. Name: Alex Age: 18 Gender: Female Location: A little village between Columbus and Cleveland, OH Interests: Art, drawing, japanese pop culture, getting into freehand >D Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: I don't watch enough tv >< Musical Interest: Techno, J-pop, disco funk Goal in the next 5 years: Get a degree in animation/illustration Goal in the next 20 years: have traveled through asia, have enough money to live a somewhat stable life, find someone to love What turns you on about the opposite sex: eyes, a similar sense of humor If i had a million dollars I would: go to an expensive art school, donate a good chunk to an animal shelter, donate to an AIDS foundation, to thailand and japan. I am good at: eating, drawing, making people laugh School (if applicable): in college Work (if applicable): burger joint I am on because: I recently discovered the art and want to learn more!!! My website/pictures are located: Describe yourself: My train of thought is often compared to a rollercoaster or a train wreck. I love animals, and I love just messing around with fun people and talking about useless, random stuff. What do you do for fun?the above. Random fact about yourself: I have a bruised toenail. What you did last weekend: I went to Ohayocon! What yo do when you go out: It depends on where I'm going. Are you in a relationship? no Are you looking to be in a relationship? if I meet the right guy