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  1. Skye and Death both glowsticking hahaha We still have to meet in person sometime... do you still get on cs?

  2. Lmao nice I like that I want to add on but that will ahve to wait
  3. Hey when is sometime you are both off I want to come see you two sometime :D

  4. That I did I just hope you all partied it up for those of us that missed out :D

  5. damn dude, u missed out on this one

  6. Very last minute. I think I decided like 2 or 3 hours before I was supposed to head to the airport that I was staying.

  7. Lol it was super random and unplanned it was like last minute lol. A week vacation has become 2 weeks lol

  8. Yeah, I just got more string at Walmart tonight to make more kandi! I still can't believe that I'm staying for another week. It was so random and unplanned.

  9. Yaaay 4 Kandi. I love the kandi you made me :D It's cool that you get to stay another week I am going to try and pull something out of my ass to go to sin city with you and colin

  10. Awesome maybe one day Vegas can have a nice size meet :D Ill be sure to tell you. I am gunna try and come out for How Sweet It Is

  11. hell yea man! if wushu heads up to vegas! give me a heads up . i might wanan tag along too

  12. Hey man seeing you at the meet was great can't wait till we do it again so I can talk with people more then I did this time

  13. Hey It was awesome getting to meet you and I loved watching you stick and spin poi IRL I also have a short clip of you with fire poi I was wondering if you wanted me to send it to you?

  14. It was awesome meeting you and Kristen if anything is ever happening in Vegas I will be sure to let you know :D Can't wait till the next time we all meet... Need to conversate more than I did on Saturday. Hopefully we all get to hang out again sometime soon :D

  15. Hey Martyn! Great meeting you yesterday! So you know Kristen and I would love to come to Vegas if anything is going on there. Hope to you soon, man. Lates!