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    spinning POI!!! is my art and hobby basically a life style i love it and i love to dance and listen to music alllot i also like to draw and im currently taking animation classes to procced in my future but poi is my art

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  1. kewl man. yeah that sounds pretty fun I live in Arlinton right now so Frisco isnt that bad of a drive for me (1hour+ alil). but yeah will be looking forward to meeting up with you.

  2. hey man im poiboi i love in frisco and ive been talking to photon and sparrow bout metting up and spinning very soon well just saying hey get back at me (:

  3. hey man im from the frisco to! and i have been looking for peeps to spin with for awhile now...please get back to me if u have any ideas or would just want to spin sometime !

  4. yo man i think ur idea is flawless about getting peeps together im a lil new but im from frisco and im trying to find some peeps who just wanna spin cuz i have been spinning on my own for a about 7 months now and its getting harder to learn things on my own but man i love ur idea on getting peeps togther get back at me please !