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  1. Name: Tora Age: 20 Gender: female (in b4 no girls on the internet) Location: Melbourne, Australia Interests: drawing, gaming Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: too many books to list/none/also too many to list Musical Interest: I'm open to anything except country Goal in the next 5 years: graduate from uni and get a job in the games industry Goal in the next 20 years: strike it big, publish my original series What turns you on about the opposite sex: ain't telling ;P If i had a million dollars I would: buy an Xbox 360, a huge plasma, a proper gaming pc... etc I am good at: drawing! School (if applicable): Swinburne Uni Work (if applicable): freelance artist I am on because: had a question about something My website/picutures are located: Describe yourself: Artist and gamer by day... closet raver by night. ;3 What do you do for fun? draw, read, play games Random fact about yourself: I still love Pokemon What you did last weekend: buying groceries to stock up for X'mas What yo do when you go out: watch movies, hang out with friends, play games Are you in a relationship? yes Are you looking to be in a relationship? no