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    Hold Strong, <br />Come from behind, <br />Take them down.<br />Replace fear with pride, <br />Hold your ground.<br /><br />As I run from all that's left, <br />I can feel I've reached the end.<br />As my feet sink into the floor, <br />My arms won't fail me now.<br />And my tongue won't taste the sand, <br />The winds won't hold me down.<br />I will stay alive, <br />Now we are reaching the end.<br /><br />Don't look back there is nothing left, <br />But this is why we run, (Run).<br />From the flood behind the walls, I won't drown.<br />This is not my fault, But this Is why we run, (Run).<br />From the lives we left behind.<br /><br />I'm tired of running away, <br />Let's show them what we're made of! <br />We are the fall, <br />Led astray.<br />Born into this life to run away.<br />We've had enough, <br />This is our day.<br />To be the ones who stayed.<br /><br />Let me go as I am, <br />I will never sell my soul.<br />We chose the hard road, <br />We fight alone to save our name.<br />Just remember you are the ones to blame.

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  1. lmao.. Phoenix down

  2. im hunting down that dance dance Alliance remix!

  3. spring break meet is coming^_^



    & u got to hear this SET NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW


  5. O_O looks like the next meet up with you is going to get real dirty

  6. Shouldn't you be the one coming here? hahaha

  7. Yori's Room

    emo sounds a little bit funny EMO