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  1. Finally started freehanding again =) Surprised to see activity on the forums has diminished significantly... I also miss the more frequent meetups- they were always such great practice sessions.
  2. Glowstickers Where Are You!

    I took a break for a bit. But I'm finally back to glowsticking ^.^
  3. Hopefully (I'm going to try to attend more meetups). I should be able to make the pre-EDC meet. Not so sure about EDC though (don't know if I will be able to afford it).

  4. Great meeting you too!!! Looking forward to seeing you again at another meetup/party :)

  5. Hi! I just want to thank you for all of the tips/help you gave me with hand stalls at lovefest. I finally had a chance to practice, and they are much more consistent :)

  6. It was great hanging out with you at lovefest! Hope to see you and Kristen again soon :)

  7. It was great seeing you at lovefest Kristen! Thanks for showing me some glowsticking moves at the after party :) Hope to see you and Patrick again soon!!!

  8. It was very nice meeting you at lovefest! Hope to see you at a meetup or party again soon :)

  9. Hi. Nice to meet you! Thanks for your help with the heli toss and foot stall/kick!!!

  10. Nice meeting you at the meet-up!

  11. Hi. Nice meeting you! Thanks for your help with the heli toss/stall!

  12. Thanks for the great meetup Kristen!!! I had a wonderful time :)

  13. It was great seeing you at the meetup yesterday :) Thank you so much for the glowsticks!

  14. It was nice meeting you! Thanks for the kandi! :)

  15. Thanks for your comment!!!! :) Happy New Year!