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  1. Finally started freehanding again =) Surprised to see activity on the forums has diminished significantly... I also miss the more frequent meetups- they were always such great practice sessions.
  2. SoCal Roll Call!

    That sounds awesome!!! I've been wanting to meet up for practice sessions etc- Usually I end up travelling to SLO or LA but haven't been able to for quite a while.
  3. SoCal Roll Call!

    I'm a freehander/glowstringer. I live in Ventura. My AIM is NoComment425. I think it would be great to have more frequent meetups in SoCal. I'm looking to be more active in the glowsticking community...
  4. Glowstickers Where Are You!

    I took a break for a bit. But I'm finally back to glowsticking ^.^
  5. Hey! Please submit to the Girls Collab this year :D You were awesome in the last one! It's due this Sunday. I hope you can submit

  6. Oh! What should I put as for where you are from in the collab?

    <3 Aqua

  7. Well, keep in mind, even if you can' afford both days, you should try coming to Saturday. Maybe we could start a mini-donation pool at PRE-EDC to help cover the cost?

  8. Hopefully (I'm going to try to attend more meetups). I should be able to make the pre-EDC meet. Not so sure about EDC though (don't know if I will be able to afford it).

  9. Are you guys going to be more active? Like coming to more meets? Maybe the EDC meet??

  10. Great meeting you too!!! Looking forward to seeing you again at another meetup/party :)

  11. Wow guys! great meeting you at Jaimison's. Now I want to play Tales. Keep up the freehanding, your flexibility will be an amazing asset. Hope to see you soon!.

  12. Hi! I just want to thank you for all of the tips/help you gave me with hand stalls at lovefest. I finally had a chance to practice, and they are much more consistent :)

  13. Great hanging out with you too, Ali! For some reason, I have this strong urge to play the Tales games after we hang out hehehehe. You and Mark should come down again soon!!!

  14. It was great hanging out with you at lovefest! Hope to see you and Kristen again soon :)

  15. It was great seeing you at lovefest Kristen! Thanks for showing me some glowsticking moves at the after party :) Hope to see you and Patrick again soon!!!