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    Drawing, painting, digital art, glowsticking (of course~), swimming, reading, playing piano, exlporing, baking, and sleeping. x'3

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    I was interested in learning how to glowstick, so I looked into it on Google. x'3 It seems like a really cool place, and the community's active and seems friendly. ^ ^~ (And they're LITERATE. :'DD)
  1. ahh.. okies ;p silly laptop x3

  2. Awright. :'D I'll have to add you sometime in the near future, though, because I'm still borrowing this laptop. D'<

  3. yooo =o

  4. xD I know what you meant. And what's your other MSN?

  5. lolol didn't mean that =s xD anyway! add my other msn =s.. we should talk more often hah ;P teach me photoshop skillz!!

  6. YOUUUU!!


    *Soulja Boi*

  7. Well damn. xD

    I guess I'm just not that dedicated, then...xD

  8. Actually you would be surprised what you could do even though your taking Honors and AP...Im in 5 honor classes and my other 3 are electives. I also find time to glowstick, marching band, wintergaurd, AFJROTC, chess, and hang out with friends. XD Thats a little TO much stuff but I cram it all in

  9. Sweet! 8'O

    We have a jazz band, too. 8'D

    And no, I don't do any afterschool activities. D': I wish I could, though. I don't think we can afford anything right now. xD Also, all my classes this year are Honors and AP, so I don't think I'll have much time for extracurriculars. ;__;

  10. I play the flute AND the piccalo in our marching band show...I have a video of our first performance on my youtube :] I also play the Sax too though :] I play that for jazz band :D Do you do any afterschool activites?

  11. a;ldskfjad

    Lucky. D'x

    I started school on Monday.

    BUUUUT since I live in Florida, and Hurricane Fay's attacking us, we have today and Thursday (& possibly Friday) off school. >'3

    xD I'm like SCORE. "Welcome back to school, here's a hurricane. 8'D"


    Marching Band is cool! What instrument do you play? I go to a school o

  12. I'm good...just getting ready for school (it starts on teh 25th! :D yay!) + Marching Band is FINALLY a class so HECK YES! XD

  13. Haha, no problem. x']

    And that's cool, I'm a stringer. I do a little freehanding every so often, though. What's up?

  14. I'm a freehander! :D

    Sorry it took so long to reply...I hadn't looked at my profile in a while. :P But its cool that your a 15 year old F too! :D