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  1. You first name is my middle name! LOL

    Hopefully I see you at UMF! haha

  2. some of these are funny!! hahaha ftw, jagerbomb?! LOL ^^
  3. thanx broits from the ec ultra circle at the afterparty of our spring break meetup hey about pr im tryin to get the flight money once im able to find a way to puertorico my fam is down for me bringing a friend to tag along i spoke to them already

  4. uuuhh... hahaha, that's about it for now :-p

    I was trying to associate you with a face at EDC but i had no idea who you were! and i still don't :-p

  5. this is a really bomb picture of you on your profile dude

  6. WHO ARE YOU????

    haha. I'm a girl. I currently reside in Nor Cal. I'm really new to GSC. Uhh. What else do you wanna know? =]

  7. LOL who are you?! o_O

  8. oh if you want to check out my myspace my url is

    and ive heard that my music has a good oldschool feel in it thats just how it comes out and it makes my music MY music lol my own style and thats what i wanna do i dont wanna be like every other producer out there lol

  9. you have my name dude, lolol

  10. coucou ! ^.^