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  1. When you do shotguns during class. When you do btb wraps with a towel you are supposed to hit the ref with to stop the match but you get bored and do them :3 When you can duowrap anything that is wrappable
  2. "that hurt" "Good i'm glad it hurts, that's your soul externalizing its pain, EMBRACE IT!"
  3. ^^Adding on to the add on^^ When they search your backpack and find 25 dead glowsticks and realize they messed up big time :| And That my friends, is checkmate.
  4. To add on: When you are visited by the fire department after cracking orange ultras ^^Actually Happened^^
  5. Obviously, Im not a stringer I musnt be either.
  6. When you do shotguns in class When your parents ask what moves you've recently gotten down When your friends know why you're so happy (wallplane wraps!!) (well, most of the time they assume) When and orbital just makes that 64% on a test go away and @flowrate HAHA! I so do that. When im walking sometimes, i'll start a btb weave without my strings, my friends have now accepted it as not freaking ridiculously weird

  8. hey whats up man!?

  9. showing some love bro!

  10. Name: Calvin (dEtour) Age: 16 Gender: male Location: San Diego (meet up anyone???) Interests: High school wrestling, anime, glowsticking, movies, monster, food Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: Twilight, PSM, Fairly Oddparents Musical Interest: My musical taste is a setting on my iPod, shuffle. Goal in the next 5 years: on my way to a degree in psycology Goal in the next 20 years: raising a little one, married, steady job What turns you on about the opposite sex: Eyes, lips, and of course some obvious parts If i had a million dollars I would: Host the largest event, ever I am good at: wrestling, (sorta good) stringing, poetry, writing, comedy School (if applicable): ? Work (if applicable): I am on because: I want to get better. I realllly want to meet stringers in my area also. My website/picutures are located: uhm, well my poetry is either on my myspace or Describe yourself: I want to be remembered What do you do for fun?: string, write poetry, make kandi Random fact about yourself: I enjoy b-rank movies What you did last weekend: Lots of things. I cant remember them though What you do when you go out: Depends on my transportation and money situation. 8shrug* usually i just walk to my town and meetup with my friends Are you in a relationship?: I wish Are you looking to be in a relationship?: Yes...wait why is that a question? Anyways: I really want to meet some stringers in my area, IM me if you'd like CheshireCalvin or shoot me a PM And if you want any information or want to know more about me, do the steps listed previously. ~cal