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    Djing, Stringing, Free handing, Dancing, Watching Anime on DVD and DVD ONLY >:O, Skating, Listening to music... Anything really! <br /><br />I just really love being with my friends. I cant think of a life without them in it.<br /><br />Life is grand.

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    A glow sticking meet up and friends.
  1. You know whats up with stringing.

    I like it.


  2. you and I need to create a glow fetus

  3. *steals first comment* Heyy 8D

  4. when... You string with one hand while typing with the other, then switch hands and continue typing. You freehand using stringing movements Walk the halls with your keys on a shoelace doing wrap combos...
  5. do i like what? lol

    glasgow? lol

    ur video was fuckin brilliant btw :) i luv seein new vids bcoz i dnt actually kno any1 who does glowstringing or poi at all lol

  6. Glasgow!?

    Thats crazyness :D

    Do ya like it?

  7. i miss you too <3 <3 but you didnt post on my profile you posted on Jamison's haha <3

  8. find anything and everything that looks like a string, and use it like one. lanyards/shoe laces/ ribbon/ 2 beach towels twisted up. :]
  9. hahaha! lookin forward to it. I got somethin for ya ;)

  10. sup bby cakes.

    I miss the SHIT out of you.

    Just letting you know.


    And im going to string the shit outta you :] <33

  11. lol that's it im bout to teach it to you next time we meet lmao

  12. Its almost spring break again! I promise I wont attack you with how to do spiral locks... even though I still cant get them... XD

    Cheers! See ya! :D