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  1. Not a problem. Your part was awesome--I love your "weird liquid style" because your the first person I've met that primarily rocks the whole eagle-claw grip.

  2. Alright. I have to run some errands real quick (last minute Christmas shopping :X ) but then I'll get my videos up on filefront.

  3. awesome! Send me the link when you can. I realized I barely have any vids of Hyperion freehanding, and some people have been bugging me about a video of me doing my weird liquid style.

  4. Yeah I sure do. I only have a few videos, but I'll upload what I have.

  5. Hey, do you have any footage from the meet up that I can add to the collection?

  6. *attacks!* How have you been??

  7. Yori's Room

    Damn Rai that's pretty sick. Are you doing this through a company or is it all your own thing?
  8. Crystal Castles - "Atlantis to Interzone"
  9. Thanks man. Once I get my ultras I'll post a new one. See you at the NOVA meetup whenever it happens.