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  1. Not a problem. Your part was awesome--I love your "weird liquid style" because your the first person I've met that primarily rocks the whole eagle-claw grip.

  2. Alright. I have to run some errands real quick (last minute Christmas shopping :X ) but then I'll get my videos up on filefront.

  3. awesome! Send me the link when you can. I realized I barely have any vids of Hyperion freehanding, and some people have been bugging me about a video of me doing my weird liquid style.

  4. Yeah I sure do. I only have a few videos, but I'll upload what I have.

  5. Hey, do you have any footage from the meet up that I can add to the collection?

  6. *attacks!* How have you been??

  7. Yori's Room

    Damn Rai that's pretty sick. Are you doing this through a company or is it all your own thing?
  8. Thanks man. Once I get my ultras I'll post a new one. See you at the NOVA meetup whenever it happens.

  9. Hey you talk to Anya about the RCC room?

  10. thanks dude!

    i don't like that clip too much, since the drops just ruin it so hard and there's no btb stuff in there

    xP i'm picky


    if you hook me up with the files , i'll see what i can do.