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  1. It's been awhile. Been busy trying to make a life. Don't feel like I really contributed to this site, and acted more like a hanger-on. If anyone misses me leave a message.

  2. Flashback and forth like the wind.
  3. Been on this site for 4 years and haven't made one damn video.

  4. 1000th Post. folding. cube. origami rotation. mechanical strength, smoothness, and control. Tight.
  5. UMF 09'; at least 3 guys; "Hey you got any pills?" me; "No." 3+ guys; "you know who hasany?" me; *boot to the head*
  6. Bounce-bounce.
  7. At Ultra I stood next to a shirtless gay couple rocking out in the middle of the day. Either of them were old enough to be my dad. Maybe there is a time to gracefully let these things go for the next generation. Can we really hope to rave till' we die? life doesn't stop at 30.
  8. Dirty Vegas - Tonight (Above & Beyond Remix)