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  1. Long time no talk!! How are you? Happy holidays!

  2. Bah! It's a bit late, but thank you too, Atrocity. :)

  3. Midwest Intro Thread

    Name: Cyro Xero Location: Eagan, Minnesota Style: Mostly string, but I also do freehand
  4. Name: Tom Age: 26 Gender: Male Location: Minnesota Interests: Anime, Bodybuilding, computers, LEDs and EL technology, quatum mechanics, astronomy, trance music, sci-fi, the future. Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: The Elegant Universe, Times Eye/Sunstorm Musical Interest: Trance, Techno, Ambient Goal in the next 5 years: Get married and own a home, getting into real estate Goal in the next 20 years: Making money from smart investments and retire with kids What turns you on about the opposite sex: My fiance' If i had a million dollars I would: Various investments I am good at: Online FPS games, doing fast calculations, remembering music I hear. School (if applicable): N/A Work (if applicable): Army I am on because: I used to be a former member a few years ago My website/picutures are located: my webhoster. Describe yourself: I'm someone who likes to laugh and have fun whenever possible. Easy to talk to, very likeable, and good looking. ; ) What do you do for fun? I'm a gamer at heart, but I enjoying bodybuilding, computers and enjoying my days. Random fact about yourself: Some days I find it hard to believe, but I am precognitive. What you did last weekend: Army trainging- various driving training. Drove a HUMVV on an off-road course involving steep hills, large rocks and a drop-off. What you do when you go out: Usually with my brother, we walk around, drive to different places. Are you in a relationship? Yes. I am engaged. Are you looking to be in a relationship? Nope.