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    perfect cirlces, spatial qualities all different three dimensional figures and their relations towards the area surrounding them so pretty much Space, not outer space just the distance between things and how much area things take and their interactions with one another.

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  1. First things first, I'm sorry. I don't want to preach. Glob knows I should be the last to do so, but I think this needs to be brought to our attention. For those who don't know. I'll just leave this link here. It's come to my attention that the dance music scene has become "MASSIVE". What I want to do is think about your festival or scene experience, and how you contributed to the atmosphere. One does not have to be the life of the party, just going/being there helps everyone there. At an individual level, you may directly influence a person's experience at an event. Being mindful of yourself and the influence you have on the crowd is a power that I want everyone to channel. You can argue that his is P.L.U.R. but this way has a certain purity untouched by music or attitudes, it simply makes you say "yes". To be honest I think this may be a contributing factor on the decrease of activity on this board. I hate to see this place die out, as 18 year old looking for his identity the ideas of this board really helped me shape who I am, even though I really was just a lurker. As proof look at my posts compared to my joined date. So what are you thoughts? Your observations? Let's breath life back in to the scene.
  2. melvenorc12 Video!

    ^ You and me both!
  3. Glowstickers Where Are You!

    I'm back yalls.
  4. Contradiction?

    I think the phrase "the pen is mightier than the sword" is referring to the distribution and conveyance of news and ideas. There's so many philosophies out there, all because of a device which records information. Presently, videos seem to be the most popular form of media used to stir up emotions.
  5. Its been brought to my attention that references to MDMA or Molly has been showing up in rap. How do you all feel about this? I may be going meta about this, reading in to things that may not be there, but I feel these references will slowly bring more light to our culture, good or bad. What are you thoughts?
  6. 5 years one friend if i keep this up Ill have a 19 more friends in 95 years!

  7. This weekend comin' up I'll be going w/ friends to Cosmic Tilt, it's in warrensburg, MO. I know you said you're in Iowa, but if money and stuff isn't an issue, you're more than welcome to join us for a weekend of camping/partying

  8. I was at the midland, Gareth was the highlight of the night for me, very suprised by datsik and savoy, Benny....I just wasnt diggin him. I drove down all the way from Iowa to see this! I'd love to hear some more events and gathering if possible!

  9. Hey! Heard you were at global dance, so was I! @ the midland, right? We need to try to say hello @ the next event, get the gs.c movement in kansas city fired up! unless the global dance you were talking about is the one in colorado, in which case i'd feel silly ^_^

  10. its my fifth year here....still no friends...Im so sad buhahahahaha

  11. Lawls been here for 4 years and I haz no friends...