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  1. Awesome! Thanks so much for the event threads :)

  2. Thanks for the event posting! The thread has been updated and your event has been approved on the calendar :)

  3. Hey, thanks for the event thread! I edited the image link so it shows up for you, and approved of the calendar entry :)

  4. When are you coming baaaaaaaaack? :(:(:(

  5. Yori's Room

    Oh hell yes. I'm going through people withdrawal.
  6. Ph0ton, just saying this right now: you go above and beyond and you are AWESOME.
  7. ALFFF. I stalk you.

  8. sending some <3 your way

  9. Otakon mainly. I went to Katsu last year but can't make it this year (DUR). I may be hitting up AB from now on because it's about an hour away from me, tops. This year is a bit iffy because it's the same weekend as my graduation :P

  10. YAY AWESOME POINTS! They are fun :D

    Wait till you see what I have planned this year :)

  11. haha, socal is on the other side of the country for me. Even though I have a full time job I have no money to spare. Thanks for the attempt though

  12. HEY DUDE. Sorry I went MIA for a bit.. it's called school got crazy and I needed some downtime. What's up??

  13. Haha, I do actually. skyfall.deviantart.com

  14. awesome! Send me the link when you can. I realized I barely have any vids of Hyperion freehanding, and some people have been bugging me about a video of me doing my weird liquid style.

  15. Hey, do you have any footage from the meet up that I can add to the collection?

  16. Dear Andrew,

    Be glad you don't have to witness the disgustingly cuteness that is me and my boyfriend.. haha

  17. HEY. I wasn't an insomniac last night! I got offline before midnight, and I was asleep before two!

  18. Thanksgiving was good; went to my aunt's sister in law's house and had some good food :)

    As for xmas and new year's.. gonna be down in MD spending it with my best friends from home.

    How was yours?

  19. I do mainly character sketches, costume sketches and other kinds of doodles for myself. As for still life work.. I like drawing cloth :P

  20. Dear Andrew,

    /me facepalms at the lack of substance in previously left comment.

  21. Thanks for the comment!

  22. haha, very nice :) I'm probably going to make a raver version of tifa for the otakon raves next summer.

  23. thanks for the comment :)

    The Tifa costume is actually one of my favorites.. currently my default if I don't feel like making a new one.