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  1. Uberdruck - Now Or Never (Uberdruck Mix) HARD TRANCE FOREVER
  2. Linkin Park - What I've Done
  3. Uberdruck Boys - Blue Pill (Uberdruck Remix)
  4. A*S*Y*S - Acid Nightmare (Future Tribes Remix)
  5. Raze - Break 4 Love old school house<3
  6. well no shit the older the better lol Kai Tracid - Bad Shape
  7. Kamui - Electro Slut (A*S*Y*S Remix) Zero Day release<3 fuckin amazing track thats for sure
  8. Kai Tracid + A*S*Y*S + Scot Project > Armin lol im inlove with hard/acid trance tho lol
  9. Warmduscher - Hardcore Will Never Die (Bullshit Radio Edit) hold on let me tell you somethin bout hardcore music. the shit was growin bigger and bigger and getitn mroe commercial and they still call it hardcore but i call it bull shit radio music some of you think that radio commercial killed hardcore do you really think hardcore is dead? muhaha haha haha think again HARDCORE WILL NEVER DIEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Push - Universal Nation (Oringal Mix) classic<3
  11. Angel_One - Into Your Eyes (DJ Dean Remix)
  12. DJ Digress - The Frequency (DJ Dean Remix)