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  1. Next Colorado Meetup

    So my crew is throwing a Friday the Thirteenth party in July... We're going to be bringing out our full lighting set-up, and we'll have two stages of local DJing. I would love to see you guys there, it's gonna be great times. Also, first fridays, same venue, it is an art gallery.
  2. Happy Birthday!!!!!!

  3. happy birthday man!!! make it awesome!!!

  4. Good thread idea, I was thinking of something similar, this could be something monumental for everyone.

  5. Post Whore Family V2

    member, on the last version, when I had that many arcade championships? And I got them all in the matter of a few days, and then pretty much stopped playing in the arcade? that was allright.... anyway... CHECK OUT SOME BaT-POETRY Comment if you want, but at least read it...
  6. Post Whore Family V2

    Ponders going on a rampage too... Out of sheer boredom... I hate boredom.
  7. Post Whore Family V2

    *BaTMaN cleans pool quick* I'm not doing this damned thang forever... I have too much stuff to do to be a poolboy...
  8. Post Whore Family V2

    *BaTMaN slaps atrocity for slacking... with the dancing house....* *BaTMaN knocks pancakes in head with PWHOUSE HAMMER, with dancing house....*
  9. Post Whore Family V2

    *BaTMaN goes around and redoes a couple things* There.... I still want to have a dancing PWHouse... *BaTMaN starts stringing, making the hous dance for joy...* And it's not another PWF, it's an extension... hence, it being in the mountains.
  10. Appriciate Something?, what do you appriciate today?

    I appreciate the ability to learn.... still...
  11. Word Association

  12. Post Whore Family V2

    Freedom!!! *BaTMaN starts stringing like crazy with some kind of remote device attached...* *everyone's jaw drops, in awe as PWHouse sprouts robotic legs and starts popping* "yeah... I figured I might as well let you guys know what I've done to the place, seeing as how morolen threatened us with an army of green 'ninjas'... They actually think that they are true ninjai!! hahaha!" *BaTMaN stops stringing* *house re-plants itself* *BaTMaN takes remote, and places in belt* "I just hope I don't have to fight in any war... it doesn't look good..." "By the way, half those 'ninjai' are plastic/sand robots, which are easily melted... The reason I know this, is one disfunctioned, and I kicked it's ass, and captured it for further examination, and had it on me in my last battle with the riddler, in which he had a fire device. When it went off, I threw it forward, and he melted into a pile of plastic-sand..." "By the way, if I happen to help you guys in this war, should we be victorious, I will still return to my peaceful land... the Land of PLURR..."
  13. Post Whore Family V2

    hahaha!! simply out of boredom, and insomnia.
  14. Word Association

  15. Post Whore Family V2

    I am here, to say that there is no aggression at the moment between the People (or right now person) of PLURR and PWF... I am a post junkie... but I am also a peace junkie... Do not fear LoEB, for if they were to gang up on you, there would be an army on their tail... however... if you show agression, and try to gang up on LoEB, the same fate will await you.