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  1. I live like 2 minutes away from IVC. I have to go on campus to get some things done at the admin building. What classes are you taking this semester?
  2. Nice! I was at IVC for the last two semesters. I just transferred into UCI. There are plenty of people down here. It is so cal. LA and San Bern are only an hour away. The beach is right here, too.
  3. I might be having delusions of grandeur here, but if support picks up and there could be some budget for larger projects, booths at events. Have people sign up for our mailing list, maybe a sit down talk, and they walk away with a bottle of free water. But it's all about word of mouth initially. Get the support snowballing. Just get it out there! Maybe start a blog?
  4. Research hostels. They're pretty cheap if you're ok with dorm style living. You also get to meet lots of interesting people and make friends rather quickly. Take in some national parks while you're here, too. Songkick.com can be your friend if you're looking to hit up some shows while you're in the states, too.
  5. I've been doing this since I was a kid...Any chefboyardee with hot cheetos crumbled in and grated cheese.
  6. You know how you discover a new band and download a few songs to give them a try. Next thing you know you're downloading their entire discography. Share these bands with us and what you love about them! Of course, I'll start. I've been an avid fan of the Fratellis for a few years now. You might be familiar with their single "Chelsea Dagger." Picked up by many major sports franchises world wide for its catchy tune. Recently, maybe a month or two ago, the band announced they're breaking up. *sad face* After a little digging to find out why they broke up, I discovered this lil ole band that lead singer Jon Lou aka Jon Fratelli is involved in, Codeine Velvet Club. Sounds a lot like some chamber rock with some cabaret influences. If you watch the videos and subsequently some videos by the Fratellis, it all makes sense. Current favorite song? Little Sister Check em out.
  7. Let's dance to Joy Division! And Celebrate the IRONY!
  8. I would have to go with Alex Turner from the Arctic Monkeys and the Last Shadow Puppets. I personally love the Sheffield accent and would love to have it bestowed upon me, but this man...His voice is so uncharacteristic when you look at him, but it's amazing!
  9. It's an anti-trolling method many other forums use. Normally works pretty well, but I don't think it's necessary for GsC.
  10. I've been playing guitar for about a year now. Picked up an excellent Cort here in Korea for less than $50 =D. I also recently bought a $10 ukulele from Wal-Mart. o.O Still learning to play harmonica, too. Also...vuvuzela.
  11. I don't know where Osan is, but if you find yourself in Seoul during the weekends let me know! What's your e-mail addy, buddeh?
  12. Hmm. I have the latest Firefox. I haven't tried looking at any profiles with any other browsers, cause well I don't use them. Is this a problem anyone else has when viewing profiles? Everything is a jumble and most profile pictures either don't load or are sized in a way that overlaps over other portions of profiles.
  13. I love origami. I'm also reading up on screen-printing, crocheting, sewing, and a bunch of other stuff. Oh, also some costume making.
  14. I was first introduced to this style about two years ago when I saw this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bytf3gZMFkY I personally love the style and you can really notice the influence glowsticking has on it. The figure 8s and traces aren't coincidences. Quick edit, the battles look stupid as fuck.