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    "I joined this site to meet the people who understand. People who feel the same way when the have the light in their hands....they hear the music....and they feel that spirit take over their body...the spirit of the dance. That spirit of the art of glowsticking. People who are familiar with this ancestral spirit....and love the feeling they git when taken over by it. I here to meet my kin...the people....MY people....The Ravers. "

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  1. Post Whore Family V2

    Kupo Kupo!!!! the Family LIVES!!!!!1 *flies around*
  2. lolol photoshop is where it's all at XD photoshop = OWNAGE! xD

    i just saw your first video xD lmao am i seeing tosses :o! xD

  3. no kidding man, smudge is where its at! lol.

  4. the smudge tool is an awesome thing to use for editing ;D nice picture!

  5. well expect the unexpected in gsc xD

  6. Thanks for the comment. didnt expect anyone of GS.C to say happy b-day to me. lol.

  7. yoz happy bday :o

  8. ooh PLUR cookies.. woot woot! *does the Shelly dance*

  9. *Gasp*

    Love muffins? for me?? YAY! then i shall give you...

    PLUR Cookies! <3

  10. <3 love muffins.....for YOU!

  11. Actually i dont think i will be going. Dont got theash, or a ride. Plus i got stuff to do before christmas. But thanks for the invite.

  12. hey man!

    will i see you at the next nova mini meet on saturday?

    you should definitely come out

  13. Im fine, man. We think i broke my nose, but im fine. No worries. I shall heal.

  14. I hope you heal up ;_;.

  15. Actually, maybe we will make a video. I pln on visiting San Fran in the very near future, like, after my b-day future (jan 5th). And i wanna meet as many west coast GSC as i can, ya know? so who knows...hehe. And thank you for inspiring me.