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  1. easy? where are you?

  2. yo is this the will that went 2 the sleepy hollow meetup wit the kearny kids?

  3. moar points for me!? im rich, rich i tell you! j/k. thanks will bear <3

  4. Yori's Room

    you like to rap for your dates?
  5. practice until you can do it with your eyes closed & while you're asleep
  6. happy birthday william :)

  7. Yori's Room

    I'm a nub, so I don't know what the difference is.
  8. Yori's Room

  9. Yori's Room

    Quicktime is lame.
  10. Yori's Room

    It's not just us.
  11. Yori's Room

    Same. If I try to save it without listening, it saves as a redirct.php. I gotta let it play first before I can save. Windows Desktop + Firefox 3
  12. Yori's Room

    A lot, apparently. I missed it too
  13. Yori's Room

    [just noticed this] Apparently so.
  14. lol shaddap brian. No blocking Will in the photos D:

  15. Yori's Room

    Apparently I missed something interesting.