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    PS it's not cool that we haven't met in person STILL omg

  2. *counter-glomps, with a side of love muffins!* <3

  3. Bad Grammarman got NOTHIN' on First Comment Woman! Mwahaha.. :D

  4. Crystal!! It's so great to hear from you, I've missed you a bunch! How've you been, hun? I'm pretty good myself, but I currently have both strep throat and mono.. lucky me!! lol. I'm on winter break though so it's all good. Love you bunches!! <3<3

  5. Damn, I saw your Halloween pic, and I must admit - I really want to hump your sexy... dishwasher.

  6. Glad to hear you're doing well! I'm doing alright too, although I've had really bad strep throat for over 2 weeks now. But once that's gone, I'll be freakin fantastic! We should chat it up on AIM sometime - smaller chance of distration via shiny objects.. ooo shiny

  7. Haha, mashed potatoes are close enough to ice cream.. glad you had fun! And that sounds delicious.. haha :D

  8. Hahaha no way, we do have the same birthday! That's awesome, happy belated birthday to you too! :D lol I also scuba dive, and love Digimon and Pokemon (omg huge Pokemon nerd).. and House and Firefly, haha. We apparently have a lot in common! Rock on, girl. 8)

  9. Hell yeah! I'm sure I'll see you there.. can't wait!

  10. Hey Patrick! No joke, man.. I miss Lovefest too! Which is why I'm almost definitely going to Monster Massive. If I do, and you do too, then I'll definitely see you there.. maybe.. hopefully.. :)

  11. Hey there, you sexy devil you! I'm still dying to see your love muffin dress, you know :) Hope you're doing fantastically! <3

  12. Hey, happy birthday!! I hope you have lots of fun.. and cake.. and ice cream.. *drool*. Have a good one! :)

  13. Hey, how's it going? :) You know, I listened to your Progressive mix yesterday.. or should I say R3DLIN3's? Hehe. GREAT stuff! But for the life of me, I can't remember where the tracklist was! There was a song in there that I'd never heard, and it blew me away.. so thanks for the amazing mix - I'll be blasting that for a while!

  14. I'm excited to hear that you'll be at MM!! :) We will definitely meet up and share some GS.C powerlove! Hope you're ready to dance, girl.. ;) Much love and hugs!

  15. Katamari love muffin! Now that's what I call rolling.. And be sure to include the Spencer's model in your hi-res pic... oooh yes, yummy! :) I bought some muffins at the store after you mentioned them, but they could use more love.. <3

  16. lol! That is AMAZING! You'd better get your sexy ass in that dress and show it off.. I must see it to believe it! hahaha that's so great <3

  17. OMG yes, do it! I wonder how you'd add the love.. frosting? Can muffins be frosted? haha.. I'd love to see them! And in hi-res, so it could be used as wallpaper, and make people smile every day! :D

  18. Patrick!! I'll have you know, I wouldn't miss it for the WORLD! I will definitely see you at the meetup, if not the actual party this time, haha.. LOVEFEST!!! :D

  19. PHOOOEEENIXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX!! Hehe what's up! I was totally going to leave you a comment saying hi the other day, but then I got distracted. How've ya been?! :)

  20. pickley's interest in pickles wouldn't be very interesting.. ;) I didn't even like pickles when I started using this name, can you believe it? Looking forward to meeting you on friday! :D

  21. Yo Freque! I'm good, just been chilling at home for winter break, recovering from strep and mono lol. How are things on your end?

  22. You punk :P I sent you a text and a facebook message, was that not good enough? Should I throw in smoke signals for good measure? HOW CAN I SATISFY YOU JAIMISON