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  1. Why hello there, Chutlin, the Giddy Walrus!

  2. what do you cut bread with xD

  3. >.< I dunno what I'm gonna do!

  4. I already have my hotel room booked, just need to buy registration.

  5. I dont' know.. depends on the money.. I'd really like to but I don't have a room to stay in :/ You?

  6. Hey Shelly. Are you going to Otakon this year?

  7. *love muffins!* What is up? Haven't heard from you in forever

  8. *+*So you can peek in but not say hi *sticks out tongue* LoL jk Much Love *HUGZ* <3333 Xo0oX*+*

  9. This was definitely an interesting video to watch. I never knew freehanding and fire could be combined in such a way. Very nicely done and portrayed in the video. Thank you to everyone involved for sharing.
  10. *+*Hey you... I have not talked to you in a minute... how are you doing? *HUGZ* Much Love <3333 Xo0oX*+*