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  1. Hi mindy, some gscers and i will be going to Red @ hollywood on december 15. let me know if you guys are interested!

  2. it was sad i only got to meet u and ur sexy costume on the way out of the arena's compound .. sigh

  3. hey hey, just thought the gs.c abercrombie fraternity boy would stop in and say hello 2 u! did u ever figure out the halloween costume thing yet? i know i haven't, lol

  4. Word Association

  5. Name: mindy!!! Age: 23 Gender: girl monster Location: huntington beach CALI Interests: fashion books faerys weird shit Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: book: flying leap by judy budnitz, mag: ZINK, tv show: ally mcbeal! HA! as far as one that is currently on, heroes. Musical Interest: inspiring stuff...things that make me wanna write or move or dance or do something Goal in the next 5 years: get a big fat couple of raises and get promoted Goal in the next 20 years: be happy What turns you on about the opposite sex: confidence If i had a million dollars I would: keep half to live off of and share with fam and buddies, and donate the rest I am good at: making things and SMILING School (if applicable): FSU allumni Work (if applicable): assistant designer at clothing company I am on glowsticking.com because: i like flag poi and was told by everybody to get on here already...... My website/picutures are located: myspace....things r simplerrrrrrrr there. f facebook. Describe yourself: tall blonde green eyes smile like a sunrise, lol. shy smart creative perfectionist etc What do you do for fun? not much since i just moved here and i dont know anybody. i went to a warehouse 90's themed rave party a girl at work threw....and reg stuff like mooooovies. Random fact about yourself: i own a hello kitty toaster that toasts a hello kitty face in your toast. What you did last weekend: i went to a gsc meetup in san diego, and entertained sum gals visiting from FL, friends of my BF. What yo do when you go out: i mostly go to work, cuz i live there Are you in a relationship? yes, just over 3 yrs now