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  1. when you aluminum tape a set of sticks together for flashiness and weight as a dead fire poi ending and security thinks it's a weapon. then when told they're glowsticks, try to peer inside the unwrapped portion to see if dead glowsticks are glowing (south st seaport, manhattan. "gimme those nunchucks son")
  2. -you've caught yourself wrapping with a shopping bag after buying something -you still carry your sticks with you even after you've more or less stopped for a period of time -you've carried dead sticks with you long enough for the hydrogen peroxide to leach through the plastic...and wondered what the hell that smell is -you habitually cut and round off the hooks off your sticks, even if they're not for you, or you don't intend to string with them. they're just so annoying to leave on! -you have said cut-and-rounding down to an art -your store of choice doesn't say anything past hi to you, because they know exactly what you're there for (and trust you on the numbers when there's way more than can be counted visually) -you learned japanese handle wrapping by accident after wrapping up your sticks so many times (at least, i did) -if you tangle, unless it's really, really bad, you can untangle it without putting much thought into it and resume spinning -your first question when seeing someone spinning is "glowstringing or poi?" -you can spot a gs.c stringer from across the room -you've stopped traffic spinning near a street that can see you -you inadvertently create your own circle at a party when all you wanted to do was your own thing, and get bumped out cuz someone tried to battle and you got annoyed -you've got/gotten rope burn on your limbs and neck -after thinking it's probably a good idea to wash your strings, the water turns disgustingly grey/black. and requires multiple washings to completely clean off -you can guess how long someone's been stringing (without seeing any actual moves done) by how fast they're spinning in the wall plane i got more, but i think that's enough for a start