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    Who: I totally try to live by PLURR. I'm the type of guy that makes new friends fast, especially at raves. I'm fun and I get along with everybody. I never met a person that didn't like me...Well...I did, but it was because that group doesn't believe in PLURR and sees me as a "threat" to how much attention they get.. I'm not sure that really counts.<br /><br />What/When: I've started glowstringing and liquid when I was 15, but I actually kinda went on a hiatus when I was 17-18. I recently started up again shortly after my 19th birthday, when I got into the rave scene. I've just started experimenting with freehand and hardstyle (as of Jan 09).<br /><br />Where: I now regularly attend The Spot on Fri nights and The Shop on Sat nights. If there's a big event at Xyloh's or Pipeline, you can count on me to be there. I also like to tweak out til sunrise (and after) randomly at UH (where I reside). I'm always down to party.<br /><br />Why/How: Peace Love Unity Respect Responsibility

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    Google, lol.
  1. I JUST noticed this one.. You know you're a glowstringer when the insides of your pockets are stained with weird colors from leaking glowsticks lol You all should check your pockets now, haha. I actually haven't been on GS.C in a while, but I just saw this in my pants and I immediately had to post this lol.
  2. Lol, I think I should start coming up with something now. Why would I twirl get girls? Idk, lol. And btw: - When your strings, like some cell phones, is always within reach or in your pocket. with PLURR seirdo
  3. Obviously, you don't have to do every single little thing to be a stringer. There's really no need for sarcasm. I personally haven't had people ask me what I'm doing with dildos on strings, but that doesn't make me not a stringer. If I offended you, I can edit it for you if you like. With PLURR seirdo
  4. This one JUST happened to me! Hahaha!.. "You know you're a stringer when it's your turn to rip the bong, and your strings are awkward but you commence to successfully using it anyway." LAWLZ!! With PLURR seirdo
  5. You know you're a glowstringer when: - You're constantly scanning the floor at raves for brighter sticks - You forgot laces or they snap, and you decide you didn't want shoes anyway. - You see non-stringers constantly shotgun-ing and you think "can't they wrap something else?" - You can dodge newer stringers before they can dodge themselves - You glowstring while explaining things or telling stories at the dorms or parties - You think about glowstringing when others are explaining things or telling stories - You cut someone off, bust out your sticks and exclaim, "You know what would be cool? If you did this, and..." - You debate not going to the rave tonight because you don't have sticks - You listen to different music, and you just notice your style change in your head - You don't want the rave to be too crowded Ahh, that's all I got for now, haha. Jeff