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  1. Name: Edward Age: 20 Gender: Male Location: San Francisco ,CA Interests: sports, anything fun I guess Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: Hamlet/*shrug*/The Simpsons Musical Interest: anything Goal in the next 5 years: near retirement Goal in the next 20 years: retired What turns you on about the opposite sex: girls are just hot in general If i had a million dollars I would: put it in a CD account and let the interest build up I am good at: lots of things School (if applicable): De Anza Work (if applicable): I am on because: I just entered the rave scene and very interested My website/picutures are located: Describe yourself: White t-shirt and jeans is my thing, good attitude in life and am not too intense What do you do for fun? Play sports, read Random fact about yourself: I'm 6'4 What you did last weekend: Went to the 49ers training camp What yo do when you go out: anything Are you in a relationship? no Are you looking to be in a relationship? no