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  1. -_- *sigh* i have no video cameras >.> + i dotn want to emberass myself infront of all the awesomo' 2000's =P
  2. Kkwon

    bam! sup just wizzing bye =)

  3. btw if you dont sell all your glowsticks ill buy some ! muhahah just got to figure a way to send to you through mail probably

  4. count me in on the spring break with timmeh we buds =) he msged me about the ssb we gonna ride from MASS =)

  5. ehh ya same here i moved to cali it was a long story.... btw i think your pretty =) if thats you in the picture =P btw are you going to go to the umm... super spring break meeting?

  6. Kkwon

    got bored just popped by... I LOVE CASCADA! lols

  7. haha it doesnt help that its on youtube and throw out a link please for youtube and i dont know how to add you on myspace? im dumbfounded.. hehe peace

  8. has any1 ever told you have the coolest signature ever!

  9. hay im in MA im 15 tho my friend timmeh is up here in MA also we going to head up i live in shrewsbury rite next to worchester and timmeh lives in dangit forgot starts wat a cl soemthing we should totally sting

  10. hay melven are u born on june 28 1991 cus it says u are and im born june 28 1992 lmao thats cool

  11. Kkwon

    hay umm are u going to the summer spring break meetup? cus i saw you on the list i believe

  12. i can comment myself o.o

  13. i have no idea to find the tuts haha i forgot were they went! >.>

  14. Kkwon

    i mean SUPER SPRING BREAK MEETUP sorry bout that keep getting confused.

  15. i saw you in april colab =) you were amazing

  16. lana o shoot! >.>

  17. lols timmy!

  18. mite have to come to you for this move i have no idea how to do it and whats it called -_-