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  1. ehh ya same here i moved to cali it was a long story.... btw i think your pretty =) if thats you in the picture =P btw are you going to go to the umm... super spring break meeting?

  2. what an amazing video

  3. yo just wanted to say nice vid on your 6 months love the butterfly double wraps

  4. ooo that stinks ... -_- why florida? *wink wink*

  5. hay im in MA im 15 tho my friend timmeh is up here in MA also we going to head up i live in shrewsbury rite next to worchester and timmeh lives in dangit forgot starts wat a cl soemthing we should totally sting

  6. i mean SUPER SPRING BREAK MEETUP sorry bout that keep getting confused.

  7. hay umm are u going to the summer spring break meetup? cus i saw you on the list i believe

  8. count me in on the spring break with timmeh we buds =) he msged me about the ssb we gonna ride from MASS =)

  9. bam! sup just wizzing bye =)

  10. hay melven are u born on june 28 1991 cus it says u are and im born june 28 1992 lmao thats cool