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  1. Name: Justin Age: 21 Gender: Male Location: Rochester NY Interests: raving, reading, 'rithmetic, and science, fuck why can't science have an r Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: just one? i guess at the moment godel escher and bach / I hate magazines / Musical Interest: trance, dnb, goa, idm, breakcore, indie, hip-hop, post-rock, neo/freak-folk School (if applicable): I'm at Rochester Institute of Technology Work (if applicable): I am on glowsticking.com because: I love dancing and glowing things, and together they are the best, and I would like to get better at it What do you do for fun? rave, practice glowsticking, read, bike Random fact about yourself: I bind books What you did last weekend: rave What yo do when you go out: play with lighted things, sometimes at venues where it isn't totally appropriate