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  1. glowstringook...nice one XD

  2. happy birthday young grasshopper xD

  3. this is the first time i browsed around the freehand area of gsc forums and i stumbled across this thread. wow thats pretty amazing with fire.
  4. Name:jimmy tran Age:14 Gender:male Location:edmonton alberta Interests:maximum tune, mall, friends, anything so i dont stay home Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show:70s show Musical Interest:rave, techno, trance, dance, electeronica, r n b Goal in the next 5 years:iono Goal in the next 20 years:iono What turns you on about the opposite sex:cuteness If i had a million dollars I would:save I am good at:stuff School (if applicable):percy page Work (if applicable):none I am on because:i wanna learn, looks interesting My website/picutures are Describe yourself:pretty chilled, asian, easy to get-along What do you do for fun?anything Random fact about yourself:blonde highlights What you did last weekend:calgary What yo do when you go out:anything Are you in a relationship?nope Are you looking to be in a relationship?not really