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  1. Just saw your avatar.. Coolest fucking pic ever.

    Just wanted to say that.

  2. Gloves Technique Tutorials

    I forgot to put this in my other post, but these things, the "led poi sticks" ( ) Are really really great for gloves. You crack the stick part off, you can stuff them into gloves, or if you're really handy you can extend the wires on the battery parts, and tuck the batteries into the wrist cuff thing on the gloves, and have wires going into the fingers to the (significantly smaller) lights. I only did that with a few fingers worth of lights, but the price is definitely right to do a whole set if you have the patience,
  3. Gloves Technique Tutorials

    Before i got into spinning I was pretty into gloves (gloving?), and it can be pretty damn fun. These days (this was like 2 years ago) everyone and their sister has glove lights, but theres definitely a huge difference between people who can actually give a good show, and the gloves+fig.8=lightshow crowd. Anyway, there are tons of videos of other finger folk out there, but the real gold for me at least, was in digits (or digitz), liquid for your fingers if you will. I studied the hell out of this video by the liquid pop collective when i was starting and it did me pretty well. Other then that, things like shapes and figures are always a big hit, like smiley faces and hearts(durr) and hand dragons (when you fold your fingers up to look like a dragon or some sort of snake monster thing). Oh, and if you're feeling really classy and want to raise the bar a bit with some custom stuff, i had always thought about wiring gloves up myself (instead of using photons) and having little cutoff switches to do all sorts of crazy conjuring and mind games and stuff. Or having two sets of lights built into each glove, and switches to go from one to the other, and then to both or something. Hmm, thinking about all this kind of makes me want to dig out my old gloves...
  4. Bicep wraps, for some reason i cant give them enough pop get them over. I guess I just have to keep drilling them, but damn they're frustrating. And orbitals, which are goddamn impossible.
  5. Make sure you're able to do it 1 hand at a time, then start with hip reels, and bring your arms up one at a time (moving the arm up as the stick is on its upswing). If you cant immideatly do it, practice spinning one up and one down, then switch, and just keep drilling until you can do it with both. As for what I'm working on, I've started working on jumping more. I've almost got 360 extensions down, but am having some difficulty with landing, but everything else like reel turns, turning with weaves etc has been pretty easy and pretty damn fun. I haven't actually had a chance to watch myself spin, like ever, so i don't know if it really looks good, but its fun and it feels pretty good, so until then I'm sticking with them.