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    Glowstringing is painful
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    Liverpool, Sydney, Australia
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    Glowstringing, although i must admit it is very painful.<br />Counterstrike, Gunbound, Starcraft, Warcraft and those type of computer games.<br />hmm, i love arcades DDR !, and Maximum Tune/Initial D !<br /><br />anndd just chillaxing with friends :D<br /><br />oh and YOUTUBE !

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    Youtube =) RaverGirl videos!! =)
  1. Jun0 ! how have you beeen :D and hows ur stringing? haha thanks for puttin my comment in your vid although u spelt my name wrong =\ lol haha thanks tho ! tC

  2. Ah, I haven't started school yet, but I'm caught up in Summer Reading. I'm alright, though. 8']

    So what's up? Do you string or freehand?

  3. argh, its currently on hold, i have trials and exams this time. so i needa study =\ but then i try to fit it in every now and then.

  4. hows ya stringing going

  5. wooww!! haha another 15 year old and a girl!! lol so rare lols.

    lol im stuck with school homework atm, how about you? wassup =)

  6. Nice to see someone who isn't older than I am for once! xD! What's up?

  7. hey babe, hows life =) lets have net sex NOW

  8. you will be, just keep stringing . the smoothness comes with practice .. actually in that video, i was kinda nervous ..

  9. umm i watched - Gsc Jun0 @ EDC'08 Ultra Circle

    tahts some crazy stuff and your so smooth. i hope to be like that one day =) but i got school soon so no more practice =(

  10. "you are my hero" wow thanks a lot . which video were you watching?

  11. zomg. i keep watching ur EDC stringing video.. so pro.. watched it like 20 times already.

    i look up to you =D you are my hero haha

  12. lol, hey there hien...

    sif string at school... i saw adam hop off the train to do some moves...

  13. holy shiittt. its eddie . wassup :L