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  1. Yo dude, just wanted to pop in to say I'm really impressed with your hybrid transitions. I've been checking out a past collab vid and damn, I'm glad to see people who have it figured out :)

  2. Oh and another "when" When you overhear someone talking about a windmill and you go When you hear the phrases "my car stalled" or "im in the bathroom stall" you snicker just a bit I'm pro at car stalls and bathroom stalls. I like this thread, I can relate to almost everything.. Except the dildos on a string. That's a little horrifying.
  3. I ALWAYS spin my keychain EVERYWHERE I go. It's been noted as a distinctive feature for people to tell who I am when walking around campus.
  4. What an awesome video... Everyone did fantastic, and I've seen so many people progress inside this video. More detailed comments in the morning, but I know for sure that cybr was pumped that he landed the foot stall. Awesome trick :>.
  5. I'm really excited now :>:> 30 minutes til it's done. Thank you so much Lira, it means the world to hear such a comment. Comment on the video soon to come.
  6. It's cool man nobody is upset. Take you're time, it's going to be worth it all in the end. You have an awesome collab going on, and a short timespan. GL with the rest and I still can't wait :>:>
  7. You mean, "today" as in west coast. It'll be tomorrow for me on the east coast.
  8. Ultra pink. My girlfriend would be in it.
  9. I had a nice routine, but I messed up early on thanks to some wind, and had no ultras left. Maybe my 'super tosses' will make it into the video. :>
  10. Awesome. I'm pumped. You guys are gonna have alot of work to do tonight :>
  11. Yori's Room

    HAHAHA! Is that your skirt? :>
  12. Yori's Room

    I sleep in armani
  13. Count me in, I'll record tonight