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  1. Where I've Been, Where I'll Be

    Hail Cynicdave (I believe I met you at the Pre-meet/LoveFest up at San Fran in 08) Thanks for letting us know. I'm pretty sure we're all mature about it and we understand where you're coming from. It's life. I've been gone since 2008 to join the Marine Corps but now I'm back. And to see GS.C not really active breaks my heart because I've met soo many wonderful people here. I miss the family that I was part of. I'm pretty sure you all remember RaverGirl, Romances, Jamison, WushuRaver, R3DLIN3, Natalie...these are just a few. I had so much fun from this site. It has changed me as a person. It'd be nice to turn back time and re-live everything again but of course we can't. That's why we move on and make new memories. *I still keep in touch with a few GS.C members FYI* Thank you Cynicdave for everything that you've done I'll always be part of the GS.C family, even if it doesn't seem like it in the forums (cuz i'm busy)
  2. Glowstickers Where Are You!

    Hey GS.C It's been a while since I've logged into these forums. You are right about making friends. I still keep in touch here and there with WushuRaver, Ravergirl, Romances, and Jamison outside of the forums. GS.C has made a huge impact in my life Now I'm back. I've been attending parties but I haven't been spotting any Ultracircles lately. Are we still doing that?
  3. Crossers... I COULD do them but I just need to be consistent with them...I freak out cuz I know I'm gonna hit the back of my head..
  4. Daaaaaaang fool I can't wait to meet you! How've you been?

  5. Awwww, Freddie! I thought that you were coming down this Saturday. It would've been our Love Fest reunion hehehe. Well, hopefully we'll be able to get together soon!

  6. Then I'll see ya there!!!!! :)

  7. Fresno's Winter Meet Up

    hey's all good....the strings just got tangled that's all
  8. Of course I'll be at EDC!!

  9. Hey Shelly!!!!

    Well I'm pretty sure you'll be going to EDC right?

  10. eeeeeee Freddie!!! You should have come to Hawaii!!! But I'll see you next year for sure here! <3 *love muffins!*

  11. Fresno's Winter Meet Up

    Yup...this was an awesome meet-up. We've got some sick video from here. Bueno has a funny clip of me hitting myself with the By the way, Bueno, can you please send that footage of me?
  12. Fresno's Winter Meet Up

    Wow...lots of driving.. So I'm guessing I'll just stay at Wushu's on friday night. Are we leaving after the meet-up or are we sleeping over there?
  13. Fresno's Winter Meet Up

    Hey Mindlesslogic, I could try and meet you down somewhere in L.A. Maybe Wushu's place?
  14. <3 yay, see you at the fresno meetup!

  15. Hey Lovely Natalie. I'll see you at the Fresno Meet-Up. It's cold as f*** over