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  1. Name: HeeYoun


    Age: 16


    Gender: F


    Location: Washington


    Interests: dancing, music, glowsticking, meeting new people and learning new things, language, art, reading, philosophy


    Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: Battle Royale/Cure/???


    Musical Interest: just about everything. lately i've been listening to a lot of progressive house and breaks.

    others include: alt, thrash, metal, hardcore, grindcore, avant garde, down tempo, new age jazz and so on.


    Goal in the next 5 years: become a digital audio engineer, learn how to dj, live the best and most exciting life i can.


    Goal in the next 20 years: i don't think that far ahead. we'll see what happens.


    What turns you on about the opposite sex: voice, thoughts, face, height, hair, eyes, hands, humor, creativity, how they live, goals


    If i had a million dollars I would: get my hands on all the music i could, party as much as i could, travel, share with my closest pals.


    I am good at: <s>lying.</s> yelling at people, dancing, acting unprofessional, slacking, typing, listening, counseling, being unsympathetic


    School (if applicable): SCC


    Work (if applicable): unemployed :(


    I am on glowsticking.com because: i love glowsticking and i'm interested in learning more.


    My website/picutures are located: like everyone else, myspace.



    Describe yourself: not like any other asian you'll meet. i'm TOO laid back and too generous.


    What do you do for fun?: chill with friends, travel, dance, sing, listen to music, go to parties. FUN STUFF


    Random fact about yourself: i'm adopted (raised by white people), canadian citizen living in the US.


    What you did last weekend: chillin'


    What yo do when you go out: make sure the weather's nice and then have a blast.


    Are you in a relationship?: relationships aren't for me.


    Are you looking to be in a relationship?: no