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    Music- Various<br />Parkour -Retired-<br />Graffiti -dun it since 9 -retired-<br />Drawing -since 12- mostly random crap and architecture<br />Shuffle<br />Gaming<br />The 15 cats next door

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  1. Name: Andrew Age: 14 Gender: Male Language:Vietnamese Location: A small town called Cambridge Interests: Various Favourites(so far): Song-Alone Tonight by Above & Beyond,ASOT on the radio, Book-Stones (Forgot Author), TV show-CSI: Crime Scene Investigators(Original), and Movie-Remembering the Titans Musical Interests- Trance, House, Tech(also Euro-tech) and sometimes Orchestra(when my head has too much Electronic music) If I had a million dollars: I would share it with my family and relatives, and perhaps close friends. I am good at: Martial Arts, Archery, Throwing cards, drawing and stragety games like chess School:CMPS in about 5 days I graduate to PHS at grade Nine Work: Martial Arts teacher (volunteer work) Why am i on glowsticking.com?: Because I want to increase my ability to freehand and share my friendship with people within the united people in this website What do I do for fun?: Paintball, play on the computer, catch crayfish at the near park What did I do last week?: Played manhunt with everyone around my nieghbourhood What do i do when i go out?:Drink a cappucino-french vanilla or sit at the highest point of a playground(not at a pointy spot of a plastic roof)