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  1. Name: Michael but i have litterally dozens of nicknames im known by Age: 16 Gender: Male Location: Chambersburg, PA Interests: Music, DJing, music production, glowsticking, swimming, etc? Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: idk really Musical Interest: hardcore/happy hardcore, trance, and most electronic genres Goal in the next 5 years: i guess at some college with an idea of what i want to do in life by then. Goal in the next 20 years: ? not sure about that one What turns you on about the opposite sex: lots of diff things, lol, great personallity, face, etc If i had a million dollars I would: buy music, DJ gear, invest a bit/save, and should donate some to a foundation I am good at: lots... maybe? i do a lot of diff random things so i do have some weird and interesting talents. swiming, djing, used to lock pick (lol i was like 10), etc School (if applicable): C.A.S.H.S. Work (if applicable): Lifeguard I am on because: the community is great! i would like to meet new people and further my skills and learn new things. My website/picutures are located: Describe yourself: a ginger kid (south park refrence), skinny, lots of freckles now that the sun is out more (i freckle more in the sun than i do tan), medium height i guess, meh... What do you do for fun? swimming, listen/make music, string or freehand (try atleast), hang out with friends, dj, etc Random fact about yourself: kinda sad but never had a girlfriend yet ... wish i did What you did last weekend: kinda forget... its summer now everything just blends together, prob worked and stuff lol What yo do when you go out: idk depends Are you in a relationship?: no Are you looking to be in a relationship?: yes