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  1. heheheh and my magic trick for the day will be to break Lana's monopoly over your comments!!!!!! Comin' to EDC??? =o)

  2. hehehe thanks for the pics, Marvin. Yeah, I made the same faces with Armin van Buuren on Saturday!

  3. Great meeting you yesterday, man! Your popping as well as your stringing was just amazing. Hopefully, I'll see you for EDC!

  4. Excited for Friday????

  5. I'm bored too...the pace has been going on back and forth at work so I've been listening to mixes and buying tracks off of Beatport. That and I'm also doing costume research too! =oÞ

  6. Okay, so everything's been blocked at my work again, leaving only GS.C for now as the only way for me to reach anybody online. How ya holdin' up over there?

  7. So good sir! It'll be time to finally meet up with you again for EDC!

  8. Tentacle Monsters FTW! BTW, I did finally break down and get a 360... GT: Wushu Raver

  9. Hey Marvin, yeah it's just me for Friday since Kristen's working that night. You'll have to pass by my house to get there, did you want to meet up beforehand?

  10. Happy Birthday, Ono!

  11. Hey man! We haven't talked in a while! Alright, I finally gave in and bought an Elite...so add me!

    GT: Wushu Raver

  12. Yeah, I'll be able to get you from the airport!! =o) YAY for epic EDC weekend!

  13. James!! So you think you might be able to come back for EDC after all??? =o)

  14. You're going to EDC....

  15. Hey Saul!! I was originally planning on it but I won't be able to go...I'm trying to save up before EDC and AX. We're you planning to drive all the way back after the party?

  16. Allison!! Good to see you in the April collab. Alot of your techniques have smoothened out! =o) Come down for the EDC pre-meet!!!

  17. Just pm it over. Work recently blocked the majority of places that people can reach me through so if you need to get a hold of me just send it through GS.C for now.

  18. Shelly!!!!!! Hey, I didn't get your message until this morning! Send over your flight info!

  19. Dammit...Armin is spinning at Vanguard on May 10th...Tiësto is coming to Vanguard too on May 23rd.

    This is sounding very tempting....

  20. hehehehe Obviously, I don't know you but anybody who likes Metal Gear gets some bonus points. Good to hear that the Spring Break meet up went well. Come out to LA for EDC this summer!

  21. Hey man! Trying to get a hold of me???

  22. Dude, you're everywhere!

  23. Hey man! Good meeting you at Kristen's the other night! Hopefully we'll meet up again soon!