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  1. Hey Patrick! The pics from AX turned out wonderfully! Thanks for taking the time to come out and do them

  2. Ono! Good seein' you again, man. Your freehand is just getting ridiculous. I brought it up to Troy but we're planning on hittin' up Love Fest again at the end of September. I know it's a ways off but it's pretty epic and it'd be great to see some of the Arizona people there. Just something to keep in mind...

  3. James, when are you touching down back in LA?

  4. Blu! Great seein' you at EDC, man. I just wish that we had got to see you more!

  5. Well, I was thinking about Nocturnal but with the way Insomniac has been lately, it probably won't be until Love Fest up north at the end of September. You should go! Especially if you've never been! It'd be great to see the Arizona people up there!!!

  6. Brian!! It was great seein' ya again, man! Well, I hope EDC turned out to be a great birthday party for you even though we spent more time in the line. We're about to begin planning for Lovefest so hopefully I'll see you again soon!

  7. Dude, good seeing you again man! I'll remember to have our our pics this time when I put up the pictures from the party. And thanks for what you told me in the circle...I'll be practicing....

  8. Rob, it was great meeting you yesterday, man! I don't think you're THAT far from Andrei and I so hopefully we'll get to see you soon!

  9. Good seeing you this weekend, Elvin or should I say secret freehander!!! Let me know more about your gig coming up and I'll come by!

  10. Hey! Lost you after the ultra circle yesterday but it was great meeting you and hope that you had fun at EDC!

  11. That's it! You're coming over and we're going to have an import gaming night. Maybe some rounds of Beatmania (I have the controllers too) or 2d fighters.

  12. One more week, Marvin!!

  13. Raver day was fun. It was my first time back to Disneyland since 2002 so I didn't recognize much with all that has changed since. And as for MGS4...I had a marathon session with 9.A.D. and beat it the other day. It's as amazing as you think it is...20 years worth of stories wrapped up just beautifully. I almost met David Hayter but I'll have my 2nd chance at AX

  14. Hey Amanda, I hope you had fun yesterday!!! I'll see you in two weeks! Let me know if you and your cousin still need a place for EDC

  15. hehehe that's awesome! YAY for Libras!! I'll see you tomorrow at Disneyland!

  16. Hey Andrei! I'm not sure about Disneyland. I do want to but I really need to take it easy with money coming up...so I'm out. =0(

  17. Hey Marvin!! Not too much! Things have been hectic lately getting everything for EDC and AX coming up. I'm starting to get in that mood where I just want to do nothing but mix music, stick, step up martial arts training and play Metal Gear Solid 4 when it comes out... Ugh...I can't even do just ONE thing to relax...

  18. Hey James! Great meeting you the other night at Kristen's! Hopefully we'll get to hang out more in addition to EDC for the time you're down!

  19. Shelly!! Less than a month away 'til you're here!

  20. And you, baby make me fly... =oD

  21. OMG Lana, I just pwned by comments.... hahahah!

  22. YAY we're friends!!! I haven't seen you on in a while, Natalie! Hope everything's going well....just about a month 'til EDC!!! =0)

  23. Dude, Jamerson, we're about a month away from back to back EDC/AX goodness. Excited???

  24. Always the question, is it not? We're getting Japanese dessert crepes!!!!