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  1. Hey Elvin! I just saw your IMs about this weekend. Damn, you've been getting alot of gigs lately! :D Unfortunately though I won't be able to make it. But I'll be seeing you this Saturday at the meetup!

  2. Mark! It's time to start planning for Love Fest again and I'm hoping that you and Ali can make it this year. Come out of the LA/OC meetup if you can on Saturday and we can go over it more.

  3. I think it's time for Robert's comeback..

  4. Hey Andrew!! Were you planning just to head up for Lovefest only for the day of the parade or the day before for the pre-meet. I ask because, I'm going through options on getting up there, one of which might be a road trip through Bakersfield.

  5. Hey Luis, great hanging out with you again today, man. One more week 'til the big meet!

  6. Yeah, and I'm exhausted...BUT I WANT TO GO BACK. Kristen should have some of the pics up on Facebook and I'll should have the rest up tonite. Hope you had a great birthday, Shelly!

  7. hey Marvin! some of us getting together for a session Sunday. Join us if you're bored!

  8. SALMON!!! hehehe Maybe you'll be here in time for Jujubeats which some of us are going to. The Thrillseekers will be performing! hehehe I didn't know you were under 18! Yeah it's supposed to be 18+ but security never did check ID. Even Brian (melvenorc) was able to get in last year.

  9. Hey David, what other martial arts did you practice? I remember you mentioning TKD before. hehehe maybe I can pick up some things from you at some of the meetups coming up.

  10. hahaha hey HeeYoun!! When's the next time you're coming down? The socalers are hittin' up Lovefest at SF in October. Another epic thing to experience if you've never been. And I can bring a Californian peace offering this time...

    ...like an avocado? =op

  11. Baby! Maybe we can extend it so it's a birthMONTH, eh? =o)

  12. So did I see you just....FREEHAND??? hehehehe, I haven't talked to you in a while, man! Hope is all well!

  13. Devin, did you end up going to ComiCon at all? How was it?

  14. Joe! Took a while but I finally saw your new vid. I don't know a thing about stringing but great job on it! And I love your color switches! =0)

  15. Yeah, we'll be there this weekend!

  16. Lana, Lana, Lana! See??? People want footage of ya!

  17. hehehe Shelly, I'm sure it won't be long until we hang out again! Hopefully I can't make it to where you are next time!

  18. HeeYoun! You might also want to hit up Romances for audio tech school ideas as it was something he was pursuing as well.

  19. KniveZ, awesome stuff in the GSU Collab, man!

  20. Dude, sorry I didn't get a chance to meet up with you when you were in SD last weekend but I hope you had a blast though. I won't be able to hit up the Fresno summer meet but we'll meet sooner than later.

  21. That's you, Shelly! Turning an international airport into a nightlife adventure! hehehe

  22. Okay, so I'm getting in the mood for Koren BBQ right now... Ugh...I HATE BEING SICK!!!

  23. Right on! I've always wanted to learn Hung Gar. Perhaps I'll be able to pick up a few things from you the next time we meet.

  24. hehehe I'm just noticing that there are alot of Patrick's on the board lately. Just wanted to say to say thanks for helping out at the workshop and that we'll hopefully get to run into each other at more events soon. BTW - What martial arts do you practice?

  25. Hey! It was great meeting you at the workshop the other day. Hopefully, we'll be able to see you at more of the meetups and events coming up soon.