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  1. Rob! Dude, I haven't been able to go on XBL in some time and catch up with you. I'm hoping for that to change in the next few weeks though!

  2. And we... are... almost... THERE!!!

  3. Ah the sun....well how bout a handful of ultras and a portable heater!

  4. Hey, it's the honorary Asian!

  5. Hey Patrick! Great job on the August vid! It's good to see you going strong still. Now when are we going to finally meet up with you again? =o)

  6. Two more weeks 'til the epic floorstalling!!! YAY Salmon!!! But I never did find anything Californian enough to get you...

  7. Allison!! So are we FINALLY going to meet up again at Love Fest!? C'mon, I'll have cookies if you go!!! =oD

  8. hahaha and you're going to see Kyau & Albert again too! Wish I could've been with you guys the other day. Now to look ahead to Love Fest!

  9. Arrrgh...so there's no more Nocturnal... but Love Fest is less than four weeks away!

  10. "Come on in to AMPM where you can get a nice cool 6 pack of Coronas for 3.99" because it's your BIRTHDAY! YAY for Vanguard nights!

  11. Hey Mika! I hope you had fun yesterday at the meetup! I'll be seeing you around more often yeah? =o)


  13. Dude, what is this about you not going to LoveFest anymore???? I say nay! You've gotta go, man!

  14. hahahah because I can bend the will of man? =D

  15. Robert! I finally saw the Jujubeats vid! Great job, man! And great job on snycing some of the sticking to the music! hehehe


  17. Robert! Great meeting you yesterday finally! Hopefully I'll see you again soon!

  18. so maybe i should use it if I blank out from now on! hehehe

  19. YES!! That, the bbq and an epic weekend awaits!!!

  20. Babe, we're training for aerials then. Help me get them back and I can teach how to do them!


  22. "and shwoouullz ddeee diiuhh Day - dreammmm da di dul do shwo.. Where's my sandwich!"

  23. Hey Marvin, did you get tickets for SF already? I might as well get them now if that's the case.

  24. I know! I'm getting really excited for it!

  25. Hey Eric! Good to meet you yesterday, man! I hope you had fun!