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  1. So...ready...for...FABULOUS!!!

  2. hahaha you can blame Kael for that one. Check out the Love Fest pictues on his Facebook to see what that was cropped out from. =oÞ

  3. Simple...GET OFF THE FUCKING MOUNTAIN FOR A DAY AND A HALF!!!! You missed it when he was here for Armin Only last year right? I'll tell you it's much different than when he's just doing a set as a part of a lineup. You HAVE to come if you can!!!

  4. Great meeting you tonite, man! Yeah, Marvin was right your freehand is ridiculous and I look forward to see where you take it.

  5. Tony, great meeting you man! The flowtoys looked great as well. Did I read that right, 35? At least I'm not only older person here. It's all about how you feel right? See you at Fabulous!

  6. Great meeting you tonite, Larky! Glad you came out too since it seems that you were able to pick up on quite bit tonite.

  7. Geez, Elvin! I finally got around to visiting your podcast page....been busy lately I see :)

  8. Hey Mark! Are you coming to the meetup tomorrow?

  9. Yeah! Why work at a Yoshinoya when I can do it from home!!! =op

  10. I love you too, babe! You kinda have built-in permission to be sneaky, you know! =o)

  11. FA - BU - LOUS! Sponsored by TRE and AM/PM!!!

  12. Well, we if you weren't always hiding we could get awesome pics of you too!! =0) This will change for the Fabulous trip! heheh

  13. So, yeah I bought Uncharted finally and yes it's definitely worth it. Think the gun sequences with Gears/KillSwitch + the platforming of Assassin's/Prince of Persia with a dash of Tomb Raider. Much more to it than what the demo gives you an idea for. 2 more weeks to Fabulous!

  14. The Yoshinoya game rules!!! Now, I just have to track down the other game in the series... CURRY HOUSE!

  15. Hey, it was great seeing you at LoveFest even though we lost each other after the parade. Hope you had a blast though!

  16. Hahaha, you can blame Kael for that one! =o)

  17. Kristen and I both got sick the day after the party too. I think it was from the Japanese food we ate in J-Town

  18. Great hanging out with you too, Ali! For some reason, I have this strong urge to play the Tales games after we hang out hehehehe. You and Mark should come down again soon!!!

  19. This...weekend...hurt. But it was so much fun!!!! Good seeing you again FINALLY! =oÞ

  20. Great meeting you at Lovefest. I was seeing some of the concepts that you were showing to Kristen (RG) and very amazed. Hopefully, we'll get to run into you sometime again soon.

  21. Maka! Dude, great running into you again at the pre-meet! I was hoping to run into you at the after party but I guess I'll be seeing you at Monster instead. Hope you had a blast!

  22. Jason! Dude, it great meeting you at Love Fest. You did say that the After Party was your first ever event right? NorCal parties are some of the best that I have ever been to yet. Hopefully we'll get a chance to run to each other again soon.

  23. Zharen! Dude, it was great meeting you at the after party!! Your tosses are ridiculous!! Definitely a great rep of NorCal's style of sticking. Any chances of running into you at any parties here in SoCal?

  24. Good to see you again at the After Party! Hopefully you'll be able to come down to SoCal again for some of the events coming up.

  25. hey, I just read about what happened and I glad to hear that you're safe. I won't lie, the anxiety will stay for some time but the more you stick to your routine the tension you feel with begin to lift. Keep your head up, man. We're here for you...