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  1. 3. Andrew Bayer feat. Asbjorn - Super Human :: This track made it's debut during Andrew Bayer's set at ABGT100 inside Madison Square Garden, NY; however, it wasn't until I saw Above & Beyond at The Forum where I absolutely came to love this track.  There's something about the energy in this track that just has it on repeat. (See what I did there? ;))  It's absolutely one of my favorites for 2015 and I'm sure it'll get a lot of airplay during the Summer Festival Season.
    YouTube Link: 
    4. Andrew Bayer - Do Androids Dream (Mini-Album) :: There's not much to say without hearing more tracks, but Super Human is already guaranteed to be on it and Andrew Bayer's last two albums left me amazed (not to mention his numerous "Additional Production" credits on Group Therapy and We Are All We Need). If the teasing melody on his tour website is any indication of what this album will be like, then I'm already sold. In fact, I'm contemplating flying up to Portland, OR just to see him live (The Los Angeles show falls on a Thursday. :()
    That's it for now!  I'll try to keep each update to just four tracks with my comments so you don't get inundated with replies! :)



    Definitely looking forward to Superhuman.  There was also the first or second track from his set at ABGT100 that I'm looking forward to that may be on Do Androids Dream as well

  2. I have both stages.


    I gave zin the files a few weeks ago but for now I have these up on YouTube until they're re-upped on the official GSC YouTube channel.



    I still get chills watching this.  This was the first EDC (when it was still a one-day event) in the colisseum having moved from the NOS center, the GS.C workshop at Anime Expo had just occured hours before the party, and many of the old-school ECers were also attending.  The vibe for this night and range of styles displayed in the circle was just ridiculous...

  3. Awesome, nostalgia :3 ♡


    Post themm


    I gave Zin the entire EDC 2007 Ultracircle video a while back.  Probably my favorite circle for all the people who were able to attend and the variations of styles shown in the circle.


    hi guys. :)


    Oh shit, it's Will!  Still lurking after all this time? :D


    I wonder if this site will ever get live again.  With all the FB groups that people are using for progression... It's more convenient.  IT would be cool to see how this place was again.



    Yeah. It is funny though how many got that air of nostalgia at the same time to see how things are in here :)

  4. Yeah, so it's been a few years.  Almost ten since I first joined GSC (Yikes!)  Just wanted to drop a line and say "hi" to all still around.   I was hanging out with Andrei (Romances) this past weekend and getting nostalgic as we blew the dust off of an old hard drive with practice and Ultracircle videos.


    New Years was probably the first I've sticked in a long time and it felt great :)  Even though many of us are now scattered away from the boards, it's wonderful to see there are still many that are going at it..


    Looking forward to seeing where you guys have taken the art in my time away

  5. 3 more days! if anyone else around the LA area also deciding to leave early you are more than welcome to carpool with!


    So just to make sure who's riding with who...


    Wushu Raver (Patrick)

    Romances (Andrei)

    9 A.D. (Mark)


    stylestep (Devin) [?]



    Jun0 (Marvin)

    Sh1n (Steven) [?]



    MindlessLogic (Kaylan)

    wuxanaXan (Wilson)



  6. I came on to say I was going, but I see an overanxious wushu raver did for me. lol


    See you all there, 3 months with no music... It's going to be awesome



    Yeah, and it's not just you. I've been volunteering things for Mark as well....hehehe :P

  7. i got to upgrade my skillz to save myself from embarassment


    Marvin, you so have nothing to worry about. That's one of things these are for! Hey, the first meet up I ever really sticked at was at Kristen's back in August and I didn't have a clue as to what I was doing.


    ...and even I now I still don't hehehe :P

  8. hmmm... yeah, it might be better if one of the locals bring the burgers instead because of the drive...


    hehehehe well I was just planning to stop by the store right before getting there and having a little grocery store adventure but hey... chips and drinks work for me!

  9. Also I just wanted to make sure who can and is willing to do the drive from So Cal as well. I have a weird feeling regardless of whether we take our cars or rent something larger the groups will be split up the same way. Let me know so I can start arranging rides! :) So far I know that we're setting up rides for (including those on the "maybe" list)...


    Raver Girl (Kristen)

    Romances (Andrei)

    9 A.D. (Mark)


    stylestep (Devin)

    eNrApTuRe (Mindy)

    Mindlesslogic (Kaylan)

    Jun0 (Marvin)

    Sh1n (Steven)

    blusilence (Chester)



    Natalie, did you want to come up with us as well? :)

  10. i can drive .. but my car wont b able to do the job ..

    :) I'd love to take my car since I've got things in there to entertain us all but there's no way we'd all fit




    wha? no NoCalers going to this one?


    comes to show that So Calers are teh best :P j/p

    I'm getting flashbacks of the beginning of the Love Fest meetup. hehehehe :) j/k Love ya, Nor Calers!!!!!!

  11. hopefully wushu organize/arrange something for me


    Yeah, it'll be easier to coordinate once we get better head count closer to the meetup. But regardless, I'm sure we will need to also have another person willing to drive so there's quite a bit of us coming up from So Cal. :lol:

  12. i wanna go too .. but i guess ill have to arrange something with patrick to make it possible


    Marvin! You know it'd be great to have you, Steven and Blu come up too! Here's an updated list...


    Meet Up-


    ANDR3W (Andrew)

    SoundBoy (Ray)


    FreddieC (Freddie)


    Wushu Raver (Patrick)

    Jaimison (James)

    Romances (Andrei)

    DJ Greenheart (Albert)



    stylestep (Devin)


    Jun0 (Marvin)

    Raver Girl (Kristen)

    9 A.D. (Mark)

    Sh1n (Steven)

    blusilence (Chester)