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  1. happy birthday and may it be the best you ever had

  2. why you lurk mah profile page? creeper. D:

  3. HADOKEEEEEEEEEEEEEN =O *stronger then your fire ball* MUHAHAHAHAH =) I win

  4. Happy birthday, legendarykaelofpoi

  5. Your profile picture is pimp!

  6. I don't think i had the chance to introdouce myself properly, but my name is Kevin. I actually met you with John and Lee and the Poi Expo and i was with Mike and John at the afterparty. Anyway, sorry i lagged on the proper introduction.

  7. Kael doesn't have friends! D:<

  8. hi kael, it was nice meeting you at the fresno meet the other day! ohyeah nice poi moves!

  9. *o__o *ish gnawed*